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If I Lay Here || Quillie


Billie caused a small chain reaction with her laughter and soon, Quinn’s joined her with small fits of her own. “I’ve never seen that movie, but that’s exactly the picture in my mind of Greece. Or like Mama Mia, absolutely gorgeous.” She shrugged at the suggestion of cheating. Quinn was used to getting her way all the time and she always had to try just in case even though she would accept almost an answer from the other girl. The Switch’s heart warmed at the mention of New York, remembering all the fun they had. It was bittersweet and she remembered actually being completely happy during that time. A feeling she hadn’t felt since becoming single again. Still she’d learned to accept it and move on. At least she still had Jason and Billie, which was more than what most people could say. She really did have the best people in the school as her best friends. “Definitely an untouched happy bubble and one that will always give me good memories.” She smiled into Billie’s hair once more as she thought over the next question. It really should have been easy for her. “When I was younger my mom used to read to me from the Bible. The story of Joseph and his coat of many colors was my favorite. I would make her read it to me over and over again. I’m sure she was tired of it.” She laughed at the memory of her mother and tried to stick to that one in particular, knowing that going off would lead her to places she didn’t want to be. Her hands moved up to settle into Billie’s hair as she pondered over her question while her other hand moved up to play with the hem of her shirt. “What is your best childhood memory?”

Quinn’s fingers through her hair caused her to close her eyes. That with her friends heart beat and laughter echoing through her chest was sort of lulling but Billie didn’t want to sleep yet. The more they talked the lighter and warmer she felt curled up beside Quinn. “I don’t know the story.” She admitted, smoothing her thumb against Quinn’s ribs over the soft cotton of her shirt. “I’ll have to look it up.” Billie smiled at Quinn’s sweet story. She didn’t know much about the Fabray family but she did know it was sometimes an avoided topic and it was nice to hear Quinn so cutely recall a memory like that. “Definitely the year we spent Christmas on the beach.” Billie smiled thinking back on the memory, fully aware that almost all her favorite things took place on a beach. “We had a three day black out because the power company was having complications or something and so we pitched tents on the sand and stayed there the whole time even though it wasn’t really all that hot. It was a really good birthday.” She allowed the memory to wash over her for a few quiet moments, thinking back to stuff like that could always make her feel better about anything and it seemed to relax her even more than Quinn already physically was. Billie was practically becoming putty. “What do you see your life like, when we leave here? Like, if it could be anything you wanted?” Billie asked, suddenly turning from the lighthearted to a little more serious to sate her curiosity over the subject. 

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If I Lay Here || Quillie


Quinn hummed into Billie’s hair as she thought about her words. “And stuff…” It was more repeating what she said more than asking her and when she thought about it, they really have been through a lot together. Billie was one of her first real friends at Roselle after Tina. Switch Bitches who both preferred not to do Math. They’ve been through so much and have come so far. She really had no idea how she would have gotten through most of it without the other girl. “Okay, let’s play.” The arm that was wrapped around Billie’s shoulders tightened at the thought as she tried to focus on her question. “Hm… That’s a hard one.” Her bottom lip was pulled into her teeth as it usually was when she was in deep thought as she went through all the possibilities. “Santorini Greece. It’s a very shallow answer, but from what I’ve seen, it’s beautiful and it looks like everything I want to be a part of. What about you? That question along with, of all the places you have been to, what’s your favorite?”

"It’s not shallow." Billie assured and then giggled a little. "Greece looks really beautiful. I mean, all I know about it is from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants but I picture Alexis Bledel jumping into that blue blue water with the town looking like it was stacked and stacked up on top of each other in the background and I totally want to be apart of that too. Especially the Alexis Bledel part." Billie grinned against Quinn’s shoulder, her fingertips tugging lightly at the girl’s shirt she already had bunched up and trapped between her fingers at Quinn’s side. "Two part questions are totally cheating." She informed in complete seriousness but couldn’t rid herself of her smile. "I’ll answer the second one… I really liked New York. Maybe because it was New Years eve or, I dunno, maybe it’s like that all the time but it was really fun. Like this untouchable bubble and you guys were there." Her smile faded as she felt herself longing for that feeling of safety, outside of everything with her best friends and then she shook the feeling off and thought of a new question. "Favorite book or story as a kid?"

If I Lay Here || Quillie


It had been a long Monday and Quinn was far too excited about getting into bed than she intended to be. There was a moment of complete satisfaction as soon as the new sheets on her bed touched her skin before she moved closer to Billie, the satisfaction only intensifying as soon as her body came into contact with the warmth of the other girl’s body. Instinctively, her arm curled around Billie’s shoulders and pulled her close to her body so that the Switch’s head lay on her chest. Her eyes fell shut but she was still completely awake as she concentrated on the other girl’s breathing. Even when Billie started talking, her eyes stayed closed and she smiled against the top of her head as she thought about the first time Billie came over, music, junk food, and 20 questions. “Yeah, I remember and you’re probably right. What made you think about that?” She peeked at her through pink hair with before sliding her hair out of the way to get a better look. “Want to play?”

Billie shrugged but it was hardly a shrug as one arm was pinned beneath her and she was reluctant to move the other from over Quinn’s middle at all. “I dunno, I was just thinking about us being friends and stuff.” It was little things like that in random places that had draw the two of them so closely together. Small things that were otherwise meaningless until they got all bunched together. Dancing together, getting to know each other through a game, doing Dom for a day in secret, holding hands the first time they went to the market, drinking Quinn’s coffee, brownies at four am in front of the fridge talking about everything but Quinn’s break up, Lex. So many things. “Yeah.” Billie agreed easily and glanced up at Quinn. “Let’s play.” She hummed and thought for a moment, volunteering to give the first question. “Umm… What’s the one place in the world you want to visit? Like a specific place or city.” 

If I Lay Here || Quillie

Billie had sprawled out across Quinn’s bed first maybe a little too eager to get snuggled up with her friend but with how she had been sleeping and her very right proven method of actually getting to sleep, who could blame her? There was also the fact that Billie felt entirely too comfortable in Quinn’s suite, it might as well have been her own. They gravitated together quickly because Billie pressed herself against Quinn as soon as she was allowed and then fell oddly silent for the two of them but Billie was full and comfortable and the mood permitted it so it was nice. “Hey, you remember like… forever ago last year we played twenty questions or whatever and stayed up one night?” She asked suddenly, before she started getting too sleepy. Billie didn’t know why she was thinking about it but it was somewhere along the thought train of her being glad to have Quinn and what she means to her and how they became friends. “It probably kicked off our super-late-night Quinn-never-sleeps texting.”

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Sounds good to me.


Cool. See you then.

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undefinedpierce asked: Text: Hey you. 



Text: Good evening, Billie. 

Text: How have you been?

Text: I have you indefinitely pencilled in. 

Text: Or rather, written in until December 2014 since my planner ends. And I write you in purple ink. 

Text: That sounds super organized.

Text: Are you cool with just hanging in today? I don’t really feel like boarding. 

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